Thursday, June 10, 2010

Low-res shoot

Photos from last night, (wednesday night) with Callen and David..

these ones are a little bit voyeuristic, with some sort of allowence, obviously, from the models, to be seen.. I took them on the webcam of my mactop..

the garments become rather personified in these shots, i think there is a bit of a "we are creepers" feeling coming from the models, a little bit inspired by that junior boys video perhaps?! Interestingly, you could reflect the way these full body garments, covering majority of the body, give out more of a disfigured persona, the the way people put on facades in every-day dress… The assumptions that come with wearing a suit "i am powerful" "i work" "i have money" all because of this covering.. what assumptions can we create as designers? really.. we are simply marketing how people should look, how they will be percieved… i often dont feel like myself in my own attire, often i think, what i am wearing now, will render who i am to a complete stranger, atleast until the next outfit… These garments, clothes, de-personify the person by having their own personality…

Couple of close shots… low-res detailing

There are about 3 full rolls of film i'm getting developed… but i believe this blog will be ending and being marked tomorrow… so they will be going into the folio

These photos will be used in my book, in a section on utility and mundanity.
maybe a small poster too :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

omg… i will upload the pics tomorrow, need to omit the bad!

Am thinking.. what could i do with these black lights?! i did a shoot with david & callen (3rd year VCA dance) today, which i will shortly upload after i finish this blog post…
and i showed david the bits and pieces (by junior boys) film clip, which i have uploaded in a previous post.. and he asked me.. are the dancers dressed while covered in the UV paint? since they're covered by this "light" and paint.. does that make them dressed?! I mean, what do we even define as being dressed.. fabric is only really one medium to dress, essentially, obvious it makes up just about 100% of the fashion market… (as far as i know) .. what else could people wear, that isnt textile based.. even things that aren't like.. bubble wrap of chicken wire.. that are more like liquid… .. liquid latex?! too dominatrix.. my garments are sexual enough thank-you!!!

anyway, this clip from Momix.. something david showed me as a response to the junior boys film clip is amazing, when i was younger i used to dance, and even then they did things like, place two kids in a three legged suit… so give the appearance of a two headed, three legged gentleman.. Optical illusion using black lights is just another step
… The dancers also suggest we do some sort of collaborative re-take on the junior boys film-clip, kept calling the dancing jazz.. i can't tell.. i bet they can't tell the difference between silk and nylon taffeta either… ahaha… I love the idea of inter disciplinary collaboration… i don't like to discriminate with design, i think that all creation requires design…

Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Explaination

Friends, and classmates, who had seen my work have been saying… why the hell are you putting those holes on the penis etc etc. so i think i want to make a post(: here, right now) that shows a little bit more of the stuff i've been looking at. I won't be able to scan anything in from my folio at this stage.. so.. in one small sentence, my work is about menswear that reveals without purpose..
if i'm to elaborate.. revealing without purpose in the same way women's wear reveals, for adornment, on any occasions, particularly the everyday. A man will need a reason to dress in a revealing manner… and so i have been challenging that! to extremes!

as you can read, this is for week 5 of the stretch generic investigation, obviously i couldn't solely focus on men's wear because some garments are simply designed for women only… (obviously sexism ahhaha)
This was sort of my first step towards looking at the removal of fabrics in un-conventional places.. only to cover with a sheer or net fabric.. The idea was a bit tongue in cheek.. if the body parts are still covered by fabric, then is the body still covered, thus decent?!

The result.. a very revealing outfit for a women… Figured if men could show nipple women could too… and if women can do things that men do even more out-rageously, then they can also reveal their lower body parts as well…

These were the leggings i created for the generic investigation.. another additive to the base foundation for the current project… The idea, what was supposed to be the most important part of the garment was the cups that sat inside the net leggings. The cups that pertruded, i suppose, although it wasn't my original intention, looked like erections coming from the knees… which yeah its really funny, ha ha, sex on the mind jack… shut-up. But the skeletal shape was what i really liked about the garment, Also the fact that the pattern was altered only minutely, so the patterns still offer full cover. but you can clearly seen any of the wearers under-garments while these are made in net with the elastic underneath. ALso, the important fact that leggings are competely not conventionally made for men to wear..

this is a toile from my Stretch Project, which has now gone on to be encorportated within the "y" front body suit.. i saw, in the leggings for men, the biggest issue being the penis. Men have big ego problems with their penis, its size and it being seen en masse by the public. What better way to hide something than to cover it with a similar shape on grandeur scale.


Anyway, the idea of this codpiece grew, i think its a very good way of covering the penis bulge, if the fabric is not of sheer or translucent/totally transparent character! also offers extra leg movement, obviously that means comfort. The First steps to a progressive change in fashions is an offering of comfort to a restricted part of dress. You could reflect upon the early 20th century removal of the corset within dresses… Corsets are still around these days, (they're very beautiful when done well as well) but the it seems that function, movement and comfort overruled this. Can changes in menswear also be made? Women once covered as much as men do (in the everyday) now… There will always be un-acceptance, in the early stages of drastic change.

The rest

This garment was the first one shot… model wanted to get it out of the way… most… confronting and difficult to wear… the others are sort of fun and comfortable! i won't be uploading any of the full frontal images.. they really are full frontal. Difficult to get my head around ahaha… deary me

another candid shot… reminded me of the images my Maurice Scheltens that Ricarda put on the brief… was an accidental take.. kind of a funny one again… live and laugh

this garment is from the stretch generic investigation, It sort of started me off looking at the gross side of mens clothing.. its hard to deal with, if the underwear wasnt there.. then it would be gross…
also it makes a really … disturbing and feminine shape when worn around the other way:

More more more

ThEse i think, are my favourite… lots of jumpies… so cool


this one is a little funny… its for real candid

this one is, as liam said, the perfect pose…

Today's Images!

I think they turned out very good, they arent sexual.. and the clothes speak more than the model or the situation.. not much of a situation! ahaha, I'm going to upload them in different posts… to separate the garments.. for myself! just because we took so many pics
here goes:

the final one here is my favourite, Liam's camera, plus the tungsten lighting just sort of gave the right amount of contrast in lighting to show the details of the garments but still keep it a little secret.. also the filling of the photo with the garment makes it quite focused on that.. rather than any sort of subject matter!

I really love movement in the garments, I'm going to do another post right away of the other garments … there is another jumping shot which gives great vantage point of the fabric's personalities… these more show, i guess, the constructions movement… the bulk of y fronts